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Exfoliating Face Brush


Who is it for?

All skin conditions

Product Details:

This ultra-gentle brush works with your prescribed Dermalogica Cleanser to gently exfoliate surface debris and impurities for effective cleansing.

  • Enhances the action of Dermalogica Cleansers
  • Gently exfoliates to remove dulling debris
  • Features hygienic, quick-drying nylon bristles
  • Comes in a convenient travel case

How will I use it?

  • Wet Exfoliating Face Brush: apply a pea-sized amount of prescribed Dermalogica Cleanser to skin
  • Using a circular motion, gently massage over entire face
  • Rinse well in tepid water and allow to air dry

 BeautySkincare Quick Tip:

  • Forgetting to exfoliate regularly? Place the face brush and your cleanser in the shower and use them as part of your morning ritual!

Exfoliating Face Brush Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Very nice

Posted by Brigitte on 17th Jun 2014

Do not feel like I need any other scrub for face. Very nice feeling afterwards.

Worth buying

Posted by Dermalogica obsessed on 26th Aug 2013

I love this so soft brush, i feel totally free from dead skin cells and look so polished when i use this with Daily Microfoliant

Brush away the day!

Posted by Unknown on 28th Aug 2012

The Exfoliating Face Brush is excellent used in conjunction with any Dermalogica cleanser. The soft brush removes dirt & make-up very gently so skin does not feel sensitive or dry afterwards. It left my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed & exfoliated. It's easy to clean & comes with its own storage container so can travel with me! I would definitely recommend this great cleaning tool :)


Posted by Linda on 10th Jul 2012

very good at removing dirt


Posted by Linda on 10th Jul 2012

very good at removing dirt

If you buy one thing here, make it this!

Posted by lexy law on 17th Jan 2012

I have quite dry skin,that can look dull at times and still have those dreaded blackeheads.
This brush is fantastic, I use it as directed with a pea sized amount of cleanser, I use the brush in circular motion starting from the neck up.
As I dont have to use a separate cleanser and exfoliater it doesnt dry my skin out and can be used regularly, and it so relaxing. This, for me is the best and most effective way to keep my blackheads under control.
The result is perfectly glowing skin!

Also this comes in its own case so you can even take it away on trips.

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