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Targeted Treatments

Dermalogica Targeted Treatments

Unlike the other formulas in the Dermalogica range, Targeted treatments are designed to zone-in on specific areas of the face, rather than focus on overall condidtions. They are each highly individualised in their application, and have a specialised role in the at-home regimen. 

Your skin is as unique as you are, and is constantly changing due to lifestyle choices and seasonal changes! When specialized care is needed, Dermalogica Targeted Treatments become the essential addition to your daily skin health regimen.

Targeted Treatments are powerful, able to help control a wide range of skin issues including signs of aging around the lips, oiliness and congestion in the T-zone, hyperpigmentation (age spots) and identified areas of sensitivity.

Targeted Treatments, like all Dermalogica products, are free of artificial fragrances and colors, S.D. alcohol, lanolin and mineral oil – all ingredients known to cause sensitization.

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