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Skin Prep Scrub


Who is it for?

Oily Skin

Product Details

A skin-polishing scrub with natural Corn Cob Meal that leaves skin with a smooth, healthy complexion.

  • Finely granulated Corn Cob Meal gently removes surface debris, polishing to create a smooth surface
  • Mallow and Ivy extracts help soothe and prevent over-stimulation
  • Removes clogging surface debris, allowing for optimal absorption of treatment ingredients that follow
  • Contains no artificial fragrance or colour

How to use:

  • Perform the Dermalogica Double Cleanse that begins with PreCleanse, followed by prescribed Dermalogica Cleanser
  • Apply with damp hands to damp face and throat, massaging gently while avoiding the eye area
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water and sponges

BeautySkincare Quick Tip:

  • We recommend using this scrub three times a week


Skin Prep Scrub Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Great product.

Posted by Suzanne on 13th Dec 2016

Skin prep scrub suits my oily skin. I like the texture and find that it is not too harsh for my sensitive skin. I have noticed a difference in the condition of my skin. It's smoother and more refined looking. I use the scrub two to three times per week together with the Sebum Clearing mask. I am delighted with the results of both products.

Brilliant scrub

Posted by Evita on 5th Aug 2016

Definetely my forehead became much smoother just after 2 weeks of use. I have a very oily forehead and it didnt feel smooth at all. Now its comepletely transformed! I use it about 3 times a week.

gritty scrub

Posted by Unknown on 27th Jul 2016

I am a fan of scrubs that have a bit of grit in them rather than the softer exfoliators & scrubs., having tried many this is by far my favourite I use it a few times a week concentrating around the nose etc. Love it

Great Expoliater

Posted by susan on 9th Feb 2016

I was recommended this product as a expoliater as i have large open pores around my nose and blackheads. I use this twice a week and have felt a difference with the appearance of my pores. I will continue to use this product

Fab Results

Posted by Ann Marie on 28th May 2015

This is a great product. My skin feels clean and so soft after use. I have oily skin and this helps with sebum control and again outbreaks are prevented. Skin is brighter and even younger looking.

skin feels so clean!!!

Posted by aoife on 20th Jun 2013

I have tried most scrubs & this is the best scrub I have used. You get a fantastic clean feel to your skin without your skin drying out. A lot of scrubs can be quite harsh but this creamy texture is just fabulous on your skin. A must have product !!

Love It!

Posted by Louise Porter on 4th May 2013

I use the prep scrub twice a week and it leaves my skin so smooth. Great if you wear make up a lot, it will remove excess dirt that cleansing gel may have missed. Recommended


Posted by Caroline m on 16th Oct 2012

I use this once or twice a week after cleansing & my skin feels so soft & polished afterwards. Great for my sensitive skin.

Great product, straightforward!

Posted by Niamh on 22nd Aug 2012

Im a fake tan junkie so i love this product! It is great for taking off all excess tan and also giving my skin a smooth feel for re application. A great product for sensitive skin

polished and perfect

Posted by mairead on 12th Apr 2012

great scrub, leaves my sensitive skin smooth and soft

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